PolyContent content discovery and curation
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A content discovery platform and news reading experience with a difference, customized for the enterprise, for mission driven organizations and brands.

Our Mission

Helping you become the “go to” source for latest ideas in your market for your customers, employees and social fans.

Your Value

Our platform enables you to create customer advocates and increase interactions; lengthen engagement around your events; fast track your content marketing and social media strategy.

We help you discover the most relevant stories

Introducing PolyContent

PolyContent is a cloud-based technology that offers an interactive and social mobile reading experience on tablets and smartphones.

  • The technology discovers and curates dynamic, continuous streams of the most up-to-date, web-based content from relevant blogs, Twitter handles, online news and other sources.
  • It filters these stories according to client specified keywords and delivers them in newsreader/magazine format to users on their mobile devices.

Become a “Go-To” Source of Information

PolyContent enables you to take the leadership in your market or community. Our cloud based technology does all the work of finding and delivering engaging stories for your audience so you don’t have to.

When coupled with your own existing content marketing strategy, this greatly increases value for your stakeholders, readership, fans or employees. It’s a perfect platform to position your brand as a source of valuable information and knowledge to your customer base.

  • A Content Marketing Tool

    Offer your customers, clients and fans their own newsreader experience, based on your brand, mission & business focus. PolyContent helps you fast-track your content marketing strategy.

  • The Power of Combination

    Combining your own site’s occasional blog or social media output with PolyContent auto-curated stories creates a powerful new medium. You save a lot of time, while providing a rich and constantly fresh reading experience for your clients, fans or employees. The resulting increased visits will keep your community more engaged.

  • Rich Analytics

    Use our rich analytics features to better understand your readers interests, behaviors, demographics and preferences, and then increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns accordingly

Lengthening Engagement for Event Experiences

The excitement level for most events is relatively short-lived.

Attendee and audience engagement is there shortly before and shortly after, but often spikes only during the week or the day of the actual event.

With PolyContent you can extend the buzz and momentum around the theme of your event, providing an auto-curated on-topic newsreader for attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsor to stay connected and up to date long after the event is over. Before and after events, our platform can continue to auto-curate and publish relevant, inspiring and related stories that allow your community to stay engaged on the following supported social platforms:

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