PolyContent Deep Dive

Learn about the PolyContent platform, its applications, features and more…

Introducing PolyContent

What is PolyContent? PolyContent is a cloud-based technology that offers an interactive and social mobile reading experience on tablets and smartphones. The technology discovers and curates dynamic, continuous streams of the most up-to-date, web-based content from relevant blogs, Twitter handles, news feeds and other sources. It filters these stories according to client specified keywords and […]

Becoming a “Go-To” Source of Information

Content Discovery Generation 24/7 For brands, enterprises, non-profits and industry groups, PolyContent enables you to take the leadership in your market or community. Our cloud based technology does all the work of finding and delivering engaging stories for your audience so you don’t have to. When coupled with your own existing content marketing strategy, this greatly […]

Expanding Beyond The Reading Experience

How to Best Use PolyContent as a Reader The magazine format of this mobile app enables you to engage with content that interests to you, either personally or professionally The discovery and curation technology of PolyContent delivers content 24/7 right onto your device saving you hours of perusing the web Social tools enable you to […]

Automated Discovery and Curation of Content

Our Automated Content Discovery and Curation Engine No longer will you have to invest hours searching the web for content on topics important to you and your business, as it will come to you.  All this valued content now resides within one app, and it updates automatically.  You will always have access to the the latest […]

Fast Tracking Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Sow the seeds of your social media strategy with a PolyContent newsreader Your social currency matters in this world of favorites, followers, tweets and retweets.   PolyContent helps you grow your social worth through building relationships across social platforms and growing brand loyalty with highly relevent content.  To grow your followers, increase retweets and favorites, good content is a […]

Lengthening Engagement for Conference and Trade-Show Event Experiences

For conference, trade-show and event organizers The excitement level for most events is relatively short-lived.  Engagement among attendees, speakers, organizers, sponsors is maximized just before and during an event. Anticipation and pre-conference notifications play a big role and we realize that maintaining the momentum post event is a challenge.  It’s really up to the individuals to make […]

Continuous Improvement of Content Relevancy Through Analytics

Rich Analytics You can best serve your readers when you have evidence of what stories, news articles, and which bloggers, subject matter experts and  videos your readers are connecting and engaging with.  Our analytics engine will help you better understand your readers’ interests, behaviors, demographics and preferences. As you learn more about your readers’  preferences, […]

Valuing PolyContent as a Strategic Partner

Strategic Considerations PolyContent’s purpose is to enhance and augment a potential client’s existing or aspirational value proposition.  This purpose is predicated on the notion that our clients have a strong desire to help their customers and fans become who they aspire to be through connection with each other and meaningful content. We invite clients to ask themselves […]