Automated Discovery and Curation of Content

Our Automated Content Discovery and Curation Engine

No longer will you have to invest hours searching the web for content on topics important to you and your business, as it will come to you.  All this valued content now resides within one app, and it updates automatically.  You will always have access to the the latest stories and news items. You can bookmark stories and  share them, thereby helping you become a source of great content for your colleagues, fans and followers.

PolyContent offers a full service solution, or self-service.

As a Software as Service (SaaS) distribution model, our cloud-based solutions provide automatic delivery to your very own newsreader app as you initially configure it.

As a self-service solution

You can create your own newsreader app using our intuitive backend, just as you might create your own blog.  Your newsreader shows up in the PolyContent newsreader app available on iTunes and Google Play.

Once configured, your newsreader automatically discovers and curates relevant content in the categories you have selected and using the key words you specify. You personalize the content to reflect your brand and your mission.

Full service solution

We design and build your newsreader.  We collaborate with you to gather all your requirements and specifications that reflect your strategic goals.   We design and build a custom, branded app available on iTunes and Google Play.