Introducing PolyContent

What is PolyContent?

PolyContent is a cloud-based technology that offers an interactive and social mobile reading experience on tablets and smartphones. The technology discovers and curates dynamic, continuous streams of the most up-to-date, web-based content from relevant blogs, Twitter handles, news feeds and other sources. It filters these stories according to client specified keywords and delivers them in a magazine format to readers on their mobile devices.

iPhone-Women-Leading-400What PolyContent can do for  individuals, businesses and enterprises

In addition to their own content, the solution provides small businesses, enterprises, non-profits, industry groups and subject matter specialists a social platform to position themselves as a ‘go-to’ place for rich sources of information aggregated specific to their mission and expertise. In this way PolyContent enables our customers to become a valued distributors of content specific for their mission or enterprise.


PolyContent is a spin-off of Polymash, whose mission is to enable leaders and innovators in their fields transform their content into interactive experiences so they can bring their products and services to life on mobile devices, grow their user-base in a global marketplace. We want our customers to serve their customers, employees or members in ways that provide mutual benefits and expand knowledge sharing and collaborations.