Lengthening Engagement for Conference and Trade-Show Event Experiences

For conference, trade-show and event organizers

The excitement level for most events is relatively short-lived.  Engagement among attendees, speakers, organizers, sponsors is maximized just before and during an event. Anticipation and pre-conference notifications play a big role and we realize that maintaining the momentum post event is a challenge.  It’s really up to the individuals to make it happen.

Our conference-app-system clients and their communities have been asking for a way to keep people connected and engaged.  This request for staying connected was part of the impetus for creating our PolyContent newsreader app.  Providing a hub of  ongoing stories and news, as well as access to conversations that matter is a key way to keep the community together and connected to content that matters to them.

PolyContent is an innovative solution that lengthens a meaningful and successful conference or event.  Your event brings a community of interested people together to learn, to share and to development relationships.  Take the opportunity with PolyContent to demonstrate your innovative leadership by supporting your community,  keeping them connected, and strengthening their relationships with content and ideas worth spreading.

  • Create your own newsreader post event to lengthen the engagement among all stakeholders
  • Extend the buzz and momentum of your event, providing the medium for attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to keep each other up-to-date through their blog posts, social channels
  • Be the platfom for more purposeful connection and collaboration
  • Be the conduit and the catalyst as an information leader in your space