Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry offers a perspective that focuses on what is to be appreciated in people and their organzations. This perspective shines the light on what already works, what energizes, and what enables greatest vitality, and success in all situations. It quickly connects people in healthy ways to each other and their communities.

This newreader outlines the principles and the process of Appreciative Inquiry and provides curated, dynamic content on the subject of positive pschology, as well as a range of positive stories in the the news, in arts and culture.

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Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Robyn is a positivity strategist.  As a speaker, author and coach in the field of human and organization development, specializing in Appreciative Inquiry, Robyn is committed to sharing what works to help people and their organizations to be the best they can be.

Her mission is to share ideas and tools that amplify our shared humanity and facilitate greater understanding and connection between us all.

Our Task


PolyContent has helped Robyn take her own content from a range of sources and has assisted in adding curated, dynamic content from a range of other sources to produce a newsreader on the topic of her professional services.  Topics covered in the newsreader include positive psychology, positive news stories and other uplifting areas of related content.