A Collaboration in Innovation

Over the last couple of months we at Polymash Inc. have had the privilege of working with Hargraves Institute of Innovation to develop a unique content discovery, curation and aggregation resource for institute members and readers.

At Polymash we collaborated with the Hargraves team to define their Digital Strategy and Content Marketing plan, and used our content discovery and curation platform to build a unique branded newsreader for their audience.

At the Hargraves’ end, the team identified the relevant sources of information – blogs, media, news and RSS feeds – from Hargraves members, partners, Australian innovation organisations and global innovation organisations, and the app simply picks up the feeds, applies filters and identifies lead images for the articles for you to read.

Excerpt from a recent Hargraves Blog entry:

Google the word ‘innovation’ on any given day and you’ll get something like 129 million hits. Narrow it down to ‘innovation’ ‘Australia’ and you’ll get a more user friendly 19 million hits. Narrow it down even further to the last month or so, and you’re still at an overwhelming 119,000 results. Everything from “on-line shopping for a broad range of products from electronics and technology, bedding, furniture, health, beauty, to fashion and accessories” to “Australians with an innovative idea about how to make the most of life as we get older…” and obviously lots more – another 118,998, give or take.

It’s all great information, but not that user friendly for you – the Hargraves community – to find what you’re looking for – ideas and stories about who’s doing what in innovation, the latest on different types of innovation, and what’s happening in the national and global innovation communities.

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How to Download The App

Step 2 - Open the Hargraves Institute Newsreader

Tap on the magazine rack menu on the upper left,
and open the “Hargraves Institute” newsreader

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Hargraves Institute for Innovation

Inspire innovation and collaboration!

Hargraves Institute is a membership collaborative; a trust based hub where members share their innovation ideas and experiences. It’s a place where members can connect with real people who are practicing innovation everyday, sharing insights to help each other constantly refresh  innovation knowledge.

This auto-curated magazine aims to provide members with a source of wide ranging innovation news.


Hargraves Insitute

At the heart of Hargraves is ‘Collective Wisdom’, shared amongst the members through the art of trusted conversations. Collective wisdom comes from the connections and interactions of its diverse network, creating a ‘body of knowledge’ developed by these talented people.

Hargraves Institute Website:


Our Task


PolyContent is helping Hargraves Institute with its content and social media strategies. Hargraves  is keen to produce more content in its area of specialization: Innovation.  So it engaged PolyContent to augment its value to members by discovering and curating content in the innovation space in a number of relevant categories:  content specific to its own membership in Australia;  content specific to the Australian community; and content that is global in context.