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News from TEDxnavesink, Speaker Lineups, and curated TED Talk Video Content

TEDxNavesink now has an app!

Our company Polymash worked with the TEDxNavesink team to create a TEDx “auto-curated” news reader on our PolyContent platform with apps for both Google Play and iOS.

We invite you to download and frequently use the app to read content from TEDx, its great speakers, news for upcoming events and ongoing auto-curated content. Stories around the topic of “Play” will be updated daily, if not hourly.

After the event, we will continue to publish new sections of content: For example once the speaker videos have gone live, we will incorporate them for you in-app viewing pleasure.

TED is about “ideas worth spreading”, so share speaker videos, inspiring or fun stories with your community on the following supported platforms:

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Content and articles from the TEDxNavesink Home Site, created and kept up to date by the terrific TEDx writers, volunteers and social media team.

TED Talks On “Play” (auto-curated)

An auto-curated selection of inspiring TED videos that are about fun, play, gaming and art.

Speaker Lineup for May 10

Find out more about our speakers through their profiles created by the TEDx team. After the event we plan to auto-curate stories by and about our speakers, so the app will be a great place to stay connected.

Lifestyle (auto-curated)

Fun stories from a variety of entertaining sites. As we build out our platform we will improve the curation process to focus on the science behind the benefits of life long play, impacting personal wellbeing, relationships and creativity.

Business (auto-curated)

Where curiosity and imagination are valued, innovations, collaborations and productivity flourish.

In Education (auto-curated)

How play and learning are one – the foundation of all development
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Other recently developed newsreader curations