Women Making Waves

The mission of Women Making Waves is to enable the creation of collaboration circles of women with complementary goals and passions to empower, encourage, and explore new business ideas, start up possibilities and pursuit of professional career goals. The group aims to harness women’s unique behaviors of collaboration, conviction, inclusiveness, creativity, and mentorship.

This auto-curated magazine aims to provide members with a source of wide ranging news on such topics and the ability find and share them easily.


Women Making Waves

These professional women seek to support each other and stay abreast of topics in the areas of leadership, collaboration, networking, social media and innovation.  This newsreader with its specifically curated content helps them do that.

Women Making Waves Website:


Our Task


PolyContent is supporting Women Making Waves with its content and social media strategies.  We facilitated a group of the members to come up with relevant curation groups and then the most appropriate key words to begin to discover and automatically curate content that would help them stay up to date, and share stories in their networks.